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Film Series Helps Us "Move In"

One of the key ways to eliminate racism is to open ourselves up to learning about those different from us—to hear their experiences, to understand, and to forge meaningful connections. There’s a quote that goes something like, “It’s hard to hate people close up, so move in.”

That’s what the Learning about Racism for a Change film series offers—a chance to move close, to listen and learn. It’s for this reason that I brought my sons (ages eleven and thirteen) to the viewing of “Voices of Muslim Women.” Though I have a handful of amazing Muslim friends, my sons don't have personal relationships with anyone of this faith. I thought this film was an excellent opportunity for my sons to hear from Muslim women about their struggles (without putting my friends in an awkward situation of explaining their experiences to my children).

We weren’t able to stay for the post-film discussion, but had an interesting family conversation about racism and Islamophobia. We'd taken a trip to the mosque a few months earlier for an event, so my sons were able to connect that experience with what they saw and heard in the film. It was a rich conversation we couldn’t have had without the film series.

Films are shown on the first Friday of the month at 7pm at the Baha’i Center (1650 N. Alpine) at 7pm. Following the film there's a discussion guided by trained facilitators. The next scheduled film is May 3rd for Talk by Joy DeGruy- Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, which addresses residual impacts of generations of slavery and how the black community can use the strengths gained in the past to heal in the present. Because films are a powerful tool to help us hear and understand, it's my hope the attendance for this series continues to grow, that more people will “move in.”

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