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We're Better Face-to-Face

A few weeks ago someone I know posted a meme about immigration that in its brevity could be taken two different ways—and her friend, who is an immigrant, took offense. The person who posted it seemed shocked that the meme was taken poorly when she didn’t mean for it to be. 

But here’s the thing—with topics like immigration and other racial issues, sometimes social media isn’t a good platform for discussion. The way social media removes us from having a face-to-face conversation prevents us from delving into the topic deeply and with compassion. When we sit down and discuss issues together there is less room from ambiguity, less space for misunderstandings, and arguably, more room for us to be thoughtful with our words. 

Add a conversation after people read a book about the topic and you have a recipe for an elevated conversation that can really dig deep into the issue, possibly helping you have a better conversation next time you’re faced with someone who disagrees with you. 

Eliminate Racism sponsors a monthly book discussion group in partnership with the Rockford Public Library that meets the 4thThursday of the month at 6pm at the Montague branch library. On May 30 the book up for discussion is Translation Nation: Defining a New American Identity in the Spanish Speaking United States.

For those who want to get started on next month’s book, it’s Poisoned Soil, by Rockford’s own Bryant Moore. But don’t let not having read the book stop you from coming and experiencing the kind of in depth in-person conversation that’s impossible to have through social media. We’re all better face-to-face.

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