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Thank you to everyone who attended and helped with the 2023 Rockford Summit on Racism.

Rockford Summit on Racism

Our Story

Our story begins in July 2017 when 13 people gathered to view Racial Taboo, a video depicting peoples' views on race and racism. The viewing was sponsored by the Institute for the Oneness of Humanity. The orignial 13 felt the video needed to be shown to a wider audience in the Rockford area. That didn't happen. What happened next is....


Our Vision, Mission and Objectives 


Rockford is a community where everyone feels valued and has control of their own destiny.


To eliminate individual and systemic racism and injustice in Rockford and the surrounding area.


  1.  To help people gain a common understanding of the history of racism, how it affects our present and what we can do to improve the future.

  2. To build relationships through honest conversation between people of diverse backgrounds.

  3. To identify organizations with policies, procedures and/or practices which create racial disparities and work with them to find solutions which promote equity.

  4. To provide encouragement, support and assistance to those individuals, groups and organizations working toward these ends. 

Eliminate Racism 815
A not-for-profit corporation registered in Illinois
A 501 (c) (3) organization of the IRS

Action Teams

Our Focus

Eliminate Racism 815 has four action teams. Each team has a mission, goals and strategies.
Together we are working to eliminate racism in our community.

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Image by Clay Banks
Image by Adeolu Eletu
Apple Crates


Focus on public education (K-12), addressing systemic issues and fostering equity

Relationship Building

Connecting and learning from our experiences

Criminal Justice

Confronting and dismantling institutional racism in the criminal justice system

Economic Opportunities

Breaking barriers and creating pathways to wealth, investment and opportunity


Concentrating on mental health, food security and nature exposure

"Commit yourself to the noble struggle  for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in."

Martin Luther King, Jr

Get Involved

Eliminate Racism 815 encourages everyone to play their part. The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within, and we want to empower you to take an active role. Learn more about the opportunities available to lend your support.

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Join an Action Team

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Read a Book or Watch a Film

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