Community Accountability Board

Eliminate Racism 815 recommends that the City of Rockford develop a Community Accountability Board. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between community and police and improve accountability. 

Independent community-led review of the Rockford Police Department would provide: 

  • Transparency and trust 

  • Fair and effective policing 

  • Protection of the civil and constitutional rights of all the people 

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*Important Announcement*

Many of the Eliminate Racism meetings have moved to zoom due to COVID-19. Film and book club are also having zoom meetings. Check the Events page for more details or subscribe to our newsletter and get updates in your inbox. 


We encourage you to practice physical distancing. Stay connected with your friends, family and neighbors. Video chat, email, text, or simply call. Look out for one another and be there for support.


Creating and Maintaining Unity

Eliminate Racism is a force for change in the Rockford community. Racism exists and we will no longer ignore or look the other way. Through our shared values, commitment, patience and perseverance, we strive to eliminate racism in Rockford.

High Fives


We are a growing group of community members in the Rockford area dedicated to our mission to eliminate racism and become a community where everyone feels valued.


Each team has a mission and goals

Teacher and Young Student
Court House
Dollar Bill in Jar
Volunteers at Food Bank

"the land that has never been
and yet must be."

Langston Hughes


Rockford, IL

"Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in." 

Martin Luther King, JR.

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